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Business Performance

* Independent Administrative Corporation Marine Technical Colledge
  Automatic instrumentation simulater and steam turbine training apparetus.

* Refer to Jet engine fuel oil testing unit for craft of Self Defence Force

* Hope HSD Freon gas feeding test apparetus

* The gas department in Matsue city(Shimane Pref.)
  Town gas feeding plant and operation system

* for NYK Matsuura Maru, Onoue Maru
  Ballast, Fuel oil valve control system.

* Coast Guard Patrol boat, Auxiliary engine control system
  for Izu, Miura, Ryukyu, Daisen.

* Independent Administrative Corporation,-Natical Institute for Sea Training
  Hokuto Maru :boilor simulator
  Seiun Maru,Ginnga Maru,Taisei Maru :Automatic control training and aiding system
  Ginnga Maru : Datalogger-system

* Refer to ODA
  for Panama, Guatemara : Auto control training and aiding system
  for Egypt : Pump performance test apparetus

* for Training ship of Fishery High school : Datalogger system
  Aomori, Kohchi, Tokushima, and Miyagi Pref.

* Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Takasago Works
  Nuclear Engineering Center : Various testing plant