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Garbage Decomposing Water Reactor



Non stinks processing

The garbage in a disposer is crushed minutely, and rapid aerobic resolution is made, thence the stinks disappear.

Super decomposing process

An approx 3% of residuum out of total volume of the garbage is automatically discharged.
The residuum volume of the test of foodstuff is regulated volume and kinds of the raw garbage.

Driving state remote monitoring deployment

When abnormality occurs in a driving state, alarm is automatically given and signals to the adminstration offices of the maker and the maintenance office by e-mail communication.


The microbe uses bacteria for GRAS, which American FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) established and is harmless for the animals and plants.

Dangerous gas, nothing discharge

Dangerous gas, such as explosiveness, the combustibility cannot be generated by the complete aerobic resolution in the water.

Non restriction with various kinds of the garbage.

The moisture content dose not have any problem regardless of aqueous, oiliness, too.
The tempra oil disintegrates, too.
Large quantity of leftover food injection is possible, too.
Because fixed-quantity pulls up residual substance including the inorganic kind, the accumulation of the salt dose not happen.

Low running cost

Usage of electricity is 60-70w/H per 1 kg/D of the garbage .
Water rent of the supplying fresh water is the degree that can be ignored as minimum.

Non drainage is required.

Because it is not drained, as for the water, the drainage is unnecessary from the device.


It can inflect as dry solid fuel, liquid fertilizer.